Retaining Walls Construction for Industrial & Real Estate Sector

Real Estate

Retaining Walls

In several projects, a change of grade is required as per the site profile and levels. Traditionally these are stabilized using RCC retaining walls, which are expensive to build and very time consuming to construct. For small projects, availability of concrete also becomes a challenge.

StrataWeb® gravity retaining wall solutions are ideal for such cases. These structures can be designed similar to any gravity structure but with added advantages. StrataWeb units are pre-fabricated at the plant and are transported to site in collapsed forms. Once at site, they are expanded manually and filled with locally available granular soil to form a gravity retaining structure. It avoids the requirement of concrete, steel and any machinery apart from that required for earthwork. For large projects or heights, StrataWeb® wall and can be designed using StrataGrid™ reinforcing units. These help in further economizing the solution. These walls can also be vegetated at the face to provide an aesthetic green finish.

Internal Roads and Parking Lots

Conventional pavement sections are susceptible to subsoil characteristics. In highway engineering the subsoil capacity to carry loads is measured by its California Bearing Ratio (CBR). Much of the design computations, which are empirical, are based on CBR, besides the expected loads over the lifecycle of the pavement. A low CBR and inadequate section can cause rutting at the surface of the pavement and differential settlements. Expansive soil subgrades can further aggravate the problem.

StrataWeb® reinforcement solutions help in distributing the loads over a larger surface area and helps eliminate rutting and problems arising due to expansive soils. Furthermore, StrataWeb® helps in economizing the pavement sections and reducing the requirement of expensive quarried materials such as GSB, WMM and DBM.