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Strata Total

Strata TOTAL includes: Design, Manufacturing, Full-Scale Construction Services, Quality Audit, Training and Site Supervision.


Strata’s design consultancy has acquired a glowing reputation over the years, and is an important vertical for the company. A highly qualified team of more than 30+ MTech qualified engineers specializing in geotechnical engineering solutions have made possible over 1000 projects globally, adhering to the highest safety and quality standards.


Our new, state-of-the-art plant ensures the highest quality products and faster delivery, ensuring that your projects are always on track, irrespective of their size. Equipped with the next generation of wide-width machines, it is capable of producing the broadest geogrid (5.7 m) in the market. We have also adopted an advanced coating technology, and automated several hitherto manual processes. The factory campus includes a world-class field testing site and laboratory to mimic actual site conditions.

a. StrataGrid™


This is our high-performance soil reinforcement solution which is produced by knitting high-tenacity polyester yarn into a dimensionally stable network of apertures to form a geometric grid. With a production capacity of 4 million sqm per month, we are India’s largest geogrid manufacturer and supplier.

  • High stress-strain values with low elongation

  • Wide width options up to 5.7 m available

  • Fully tested with NTPEP, CE, ISO, GRI, ASTM and BBA certifications

  • Available in strengths from 35kN/m to 600kN/m

  • Quicker installation as compared to rigid grids

  • Hassle-free handling guaranteed due to our proprietary coating

  • World-class manufacturing capacity to meet project deadlines

b. Block


We have 29 casting machines for Blocks - one of our two fascia options for reinforced soil wall structures. These units are self-aligning, by virtue of an inter-locking system that they are cast with. An anchor shear key built into each unit enables this and also ensures consistent batter.

c. Panel


We have over 300 casting shutters for Panels – the second option for the outermost face of the reinforced soil structure. These panels essentially protect the wall backfill material from erosion. Since they form the exterior of the system, they also serve an aesthetic purpose, and are therefore embossed on the surface as per clients’ requirements. The panels can either be manufactured at our precast facility or at the project site using metallic or wooden moulds.


a. StrataBlock™


This is a composite system consisting of concrete block units in combination with a mass of soil which is reinforced and stabilised by StrataGrid™.

  • Significant cost/time savings compared to steel-reinforced concrete structures

  • Provides 100% soil coverage for StrataGrid™ reinforcement

  • Casting of blocks can start even before finalization of drawings

  • No requirement of specialized machines for erection because of easy manual handling

  • Can tolerate high differential settlements

  • Walls built are virtually maintenance free

  • Shape of the blocks creates staggered hollows that are filled with aggregates (drainage fill) which gives additional stability to the wall

  • Reinforced soil walls with StrataBlock™ fascia and StrataGrid™ reinforcement are relatively flexible, open structures that facilitate water drainage through the fascia easily.

  • StrataBlock™ units can be incorporated in walls having sharp curves and corners

  • The height of StrataBlock™ also ensures better control on backfill soil layer thickness and compaction during construction.

b. StrataBlock 2E StrataGrid


Keeping our commitment to quality intact, we have developed a new, highly cost-effective composite RS wall solution - StrataBlock 2E. This system is like the original StrataBlock™ in every respect, except that it uses considerably less concrete material and is thus more cost-efficient.

  • Less concrete material used

  • Self-aligning

  • Closer grid placement, thus safe even in poorer soils (safer application)

  • Being used in many large-scale projects across the country

  • Highly economical and cost effective system

  • Approved by IIT

c. StrataWall™


A precast concrete panel wall fascia for a reinforced soil structure. It is designed to work in tandem with StrataGrid™ (geogrid) as a reinforcing material.

  • Significant cost savings compared to conventional RCC structures

  • Tolerant of total or differential settlements

  • Panels are designed for mechanized handling during shifting, transportation and erection

  • Offers a robust fascia due to positive connection

  • Fast installation

  • Minimal impact on environment (wetlands, etc.)

  • Excellent structural capacity

  • The joints between panels are appropriately designed to allow free flow of water without migration of particles from backfill

d. StrataWall EC StrataGrid


With an unwavering focus on quality, the second highly cost-effective solution we have recently developed is a concrete panel-faced reinforced soil wall system – StrataWall EC (Embedded Connection)
StrataWall EC works by reinforcing the granular backfill with StrataStrip™ geogrids (up to 200 mm width) to create an internally stabilized mass of reinforced soil which withstands both static as well as dynamic loads. This system also consists of StrataConnect connectors (more robust than any alternative in the market) and precast concrete panels. StrataStrip is positively connected to the panel by passing it through StrataConnect embedded connectors which create a cavity in the concrete panel.

  • Less steel consumption, thus accruing financial benefits to primary contractor

  • No corrosion

  • Highly economical and cost-effective system

  • Impeccable quality control

  • Has safest connection

  • Approved by IIT

Quality Audit

We have a robust Quality Management System which includes continuous monitoring of all our project sites by a specialised quality control team, generation of NCRs (non-conformance reports) to identify problem areas, and immediate Preventive/Corrective actions to rectify the same.


Our commitment to employee learning and development has contributed in large part to our success. We offer a variety of training modules using multiple delivery platforms, both virtual and in-person. Our programs include: Onsite Training, Yearly Technical Meetups, Online Quizzes, and an Accelerated Training Program.

Technical Assistance

Should our clients require any assistance, our technical experts help to resolve any issues that may arise related to foundation, soil or construction.

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