Slope Protection For Railway Track For Thermal Power Project

Slope Protection For Railway Track for Thermal Power Project

Location Govindwal Sahib, District Tarn Taran, near Amritsar
Principal Client GVK
Client Name TVASTAR Infratech Pvt Ltd
Application Slope erosion protection
System Offered StrataWeb® geocells
Project Completion Mid-August 2014


The railway link between Govindwal Sahib and the nearest railway station, Khadoor Sahib is a single track corridor for transportation of coal to the thermal power plant at Govindwal Sahib. Since this controls the life-line of the power plant, the rail link needs to be kept fully operational throughout the year. The link traverses through cuts with embankments on either side. While the slopes of these embankments are intrinsically stable, erosion along the slopes posed operational problems. The slopes comprise of silty fine sands which, during strong winds or monsoons, deposite onto the tracks and disrupt rake movement. Track clearing was time consuming. Hence, an engineering solution was sought to resolve this issue permanently and keep the track functioning 24 X 7 for the power plant.


The objective was to protect the slopes from wind erosion and surface scour due to run-off onto the tracks below. StrataWeb® geocells were proposed over the slopes with infill material. The confining characteristics of StrataWeb® would hold the in-fill soil, preventing it from sliding and eroding. Once confined, the in-filled soil would allow vegetation to grow fast and ensure a stable system which would not be affected by any agents of erosion.


The solution was offered to TVASTAR Infratech Pvt. Ltd., which made a turnkey proposal to the Principal Client, GVK.

The system was designed based on several factors such as available local soil and gradient of the slope. StrataWeb® geocell Style SW660 and depth of 75mm was considered over the slopes over lengths of about 10 to 15m. StrataWeb® sections were spread apart and held down into position with metallic spikes. Adjacent sections were secured together by cable ties. Once the sections were secured into position, local soil was manually filled into the cells.

The turnkey solution included concrete chutes down the slopes and perforated PVC pipes with filter media along the crest of the bund. The system of pipes and chutes ensured drainage of routed surface runoff water. Perforations in the cell walls of StrataWeb® are designed to dissipate any excess pore water pressures within the system.

Benefits to Clients

Ever since StrataWeb® geocells have been installed along the cut slopes, soil no longer slides down the slopes onto the tracks. There is hardly any maintenance required on this count. The slopes are no longer drab and are now green and aesthetically pleasing.