StrataWeb® in load support application at a trailer parking area of port

Application Load support for parking areas of marine port using StrataWeb® geocells and biaxial geogrid (StrataBase)
Location Jawaharlal Nehru Port, Sheva, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
System Offered Design, supply, and supervision StrataWeb® Geocells SW HD 356-150
Project Size 75 Acres (3,30,000 sqm)

Project Overview

Construction challenges are inevitable along the coast. In this case, the entire area of the parking lot was on land reclaimed from what was originally mud flats comprising of very soft / soft marine clay. The parking area is required to facilitate parking and movement of container trailers that cater to the Jawaharlal Nehru Port.

The Challenge

There were three major issues:

  • The area is reclaimed from tidal mudflats comprising marine clay underlain by stiff / hard residual soil. Owing to the marine clay which is of significant thickness, the area is susceptible to settlements of considerable magnitudes. As a corollary, the differential settlements would be considerable.
  • Considering that the area is to be used for parking heavy tractor-trailers, there is a need to pave the area suitably to carry the loads without rutting.
  • Since the area required is huge, there was a need to economise on the type of paving. It was therefore deemed necessary to minimize / eliminate the lean concrete which is the most expensive component of the paving.

The Strata Solution

Strata’s geotechnical specialists designed an innovative solution that is technically advanced, cost-effective, and sustainable. The Strata solution eliminated the lean concrete layer altogether and reduced the overall thickness of the composite paving by incorporating a geosynthetic, StrataWeb® geocells and StrataBase biaxial geogrids.

StrataWeb® geocells form a foundation reinforcement mat that improves the load carrying capacity of the underlying weak soil by invoking a higher resilient modulus, thereby spreading the load onto the subgrade. With the improvement in the resilient modulus of the paving component, the section of the pavement was leaner but robust. The high resilient modulus owing to StrataWeb® and its infill also addressed differential settlement issues, providing an even working ground. The StrataBase biaxial geogrids catered to traction of vehicles braking, accelerating and tight turning.

Strata's Value Addition

  • Cost savings of approximately 15%
  • Speedier construction with unskilled labour and without any specialized construction equipment
  • Reduction of layer thicknesses of structural support elements
  • Long term stability / performance leading to minimal maintenance costs
  • Use of locally available material lending to faster construction and lower costs