Strata Grid

About Strata

We are a leading provider of soil reinforcement technology and many geotechnical solutions in India for over a decade now. Customers count on Strata Geosystems for sustainable, eco-friendly and cost-effective geotechnical solutions.

It is our constant endeavor to build trust and surpass customer expectations with high quality geosynthetic products for the infrastructure sector.

Our global presence helps the customers with a broad spectrum of innovative solutions for any geotechnical challenge. Strata Geosystems' committed team of experienced and dedicated civil engineers, supervisors and technicians ensure the customers receive individual attention and focus leading to timely and infallible installation.


Strata Geosystems is committed to creating a sustainable environment where every day we push ourselves to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations. For us, sustainability is not just a term, but a way of life. It means looking at all aspects of our business, analysing how they intersect, integrating new solutions and investing in them so communities can prosper and thrive.


Our ISO 9001-2008 certification demonstrates our commitment to manufacturing and providing exceptional products and services in line with our environmental goals.

Landfill Free

Absolutely nothing is disposed or sent to the landfill from our mighty manufacturing plants, reflecting our commitment to staying landfill free. We also encourage plantation around our facilities, a small initiative to give back to Mother Nature.

Reduce and Reuse

With our comprehensive approach, we ensure our products are engineered in a way that they utilise minimal raw materials during the construction process, reducing the pressure on the ever scarce natural resources. We encourage the reuse of waste materials like fly ash in construction work which helps to cut down the quantum of cement consumed.

Leading the way

Our head office has taken all measures to shrink the environmental footprint with the installation of LED lights, usage of eco-friendly materials and partnering with the local NGO, where all our paper waste goes to them for recycling which is then converted into other products like books, stationery, etc.