BEBO® Precast arch system

BEBO® Precast arch system

The BEBO® arch system was developed utilizing both the above concepts as a precast concrete arch bridge system in Switzerland. The word BEBO® is derived from the German words "BEton BOgen" which stands for concrete arch. The system was developed in 1965 by Swiss engineer Dr. Werner Heierli and first installed in Switzerland in 1966. Ever since it has been used the world over and conforms to various international design standards and codes such US AASHTO, Canadian, British, European, Australian etc. The BEBO® system comprises of precast arches which are transported to the site and installed piece by piece to form a full bridge. The arches are fabricated at a central casting yard using patented moulds. BEBO® offers the world's largest span for precast arches offering spans from 3.6m to 31m.

Value Addition to Customers


  • Concrete savings of up to 50% possible.
  • Savings in reinforcement steel of up to 40%


  • Installation according to BEBO® guidelines within hours.
  • Backfilling and compaction according to BEBO® guidelines.
  • No restriction for construction machinery to cross the structure once minimum overfill height is reached.


  • Safety through compliance with BEBO® specifications and guidelines
  • Longevity through earth overfill.
  • Reduced and easier maintenance
  • No approach slabs or bridge decks to deteriorate.
  • Environment friendly – massive savings in sand, cement, steel.


  • Small to Medium bridges
  • Waterway crossings- Rivers, Canals & Stream
  • Viaducts
  • Overpasses/ Underpasses for Highways
  • Overpasses/ Underpasses for Railways
  • Grade Separator
  • Application with high overfills

Technical Information

In order to provide the most efficient solution possible, learn more about our Bebo® technology below: