Construction of a temporary mechanically stabilized earth wall using StrataGrid and StrataWall

Project application Construction of a temporary mechanically stabilized earth wall using StrataGrid and StrataWall
Client Clark Geotechnical, LLC
Location Manhattan, United States

Project Overview

The East Side Access Tunnel project is one of the largest transportation infrastructure projects in the United States. The project includes more than 11 miles of tunneling that encompasses work in multiple locations, in Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx.  It provides travel to over 162,000 passengers per day.

The Challenge

Since the majority of the project was in urban area, the delivery of the construction materials was very difficult due to severe space constraints and the scope of job. For the smooth flow of construction, a temporary retaining wall was suggested.

Conventional Method

Conventionally, in these situations a steel-reinforced wire wall is proposed. However, a steel reinforced wall was not feasible in this case considering the site was a tight working area of the city. Besides, that could be an extremely costly affair.

Strata’s Innovative Solution

Strata’s geotechnical experts suggested an innovative approach to this – StrataWall. This solution incorporated a hot-dip galvanized 4x4 wire form facing elements with geotextile and geogrid facing wrap. The StrataWall system and design met project requirements and provided the needed 10-year design life. It was constructed to fill a 70-foot (~21m) hole that abutted vertical walls on either side. Materials had to be delivered with a crane into the hole where the MSE wall was constructed. Since StrataGrid is rolled and easy to handle, it made material transport and delivery much more efficient.

Chad Clark, P.E., Principal at Clark Geotechnical, said, 'The quality of Strata’s products and services allowed Clark Geotechnical, LLC to design the temporary retaining wall system with confidence. This was important to us given the significance of the overall project and critical nature of the temporary wall. And, the structure is likely one of the tallest single height MSE temp walls constructed in the U.S. using welded-wire form facing and geogrid reinforcement.'

Strata's Value Addition

  • Significant cost savings compared constructing a steel reinforced wire wall.
  • Technically sound and robust system.
  • Reliable and superior quality products