Canals & Irrigation

Canal & Irrigation

Water needs to be conveyed from the source to the various points of consumption in an efficient and cost effective manner. As the demand of this precious natural resource grows, the need for secure water containment and transport without waste grows

Slope Lining

StrataWeb® with appropriate infill, helps to protect against such erosion. The honeycomb structure of StrataWeb® provides confinement to the infill and prevents it from being dislodged by the agents of erosion. The infill also nurtures vegetation within the cells which not only offers added protection but also lends an aesthetic touch.

Ground Improvement

Canals & irrigation face ground improvement issues owing to water. This further results in differential settlements reduces the operational efficiency and increases maintenance costs. Strata solutions for ground improvement are very versatile and can be designed and optimized for specific site challenges. They can be designed to reduce differential settlements by a large margin thereby reducing operational costs.