• Careers at Strata India


"Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity"

At Strata Geosystems, we strive to create a mutually beneficial work environment with complementary growth paths.

We believe in providing an engaging environment for employees to work and grow personally and professionally. People are the company's biggest assets and much of our core strengths are derived from the strong leadership we have put together over a period of time. We, therefore, are constantly on the look out for highly self-driven and motivated individuals.

Employees at Strata enjoy an open, meritocratic work environment that thrives on free exchange of ideas and opportunities. We look to work with smart people and determined people who have demonstrated an appetite for an orientation towards excellence through their academic achievements and work credentials. We encourage them to assume high levels of responsibility and independent accountability and own processes, as they grow professionally.

Inorder to apply write to us: careers@strataindia.com