Construction of retaining walls with block fascia

Construction of retaining wall for container trailers movement at port

Client Aqaba Development Corporation
Consultant ACE, Jordan
Main Contractor Mohd Khalaf Tarawneh Company for Contracting.
Location Aqaba, Jordan
Application Construction of retaining walls with block fascia
Product used StrataGrid - SGi 40, SGi 120
Size of the project Fascia Area - 2155 sqm


The Aqaba Development Authority at Jordan were looking for a technically advanced and cost-effective solution for the movement of heavy trailers towards their container yards (which lie in marine areas and hence have weaker sub-bases). The previous suggested method was reinforced concrete wall. However, the client preferred a solution that enabled use of site won material and previously-made blocks at the site. Looking at the numerous advantages of StrataBlock(mentioned in detail below), the client decided to use this system.

Strata’s experts recommended the construction of a retaining wall for the heavy trailers’ movement at the container port.


The main challenges were:

  • To use site won material
  • Minimize operational issues during construction

Strata’s Innovative Solution

Strata’s Geotechnical experts suggested the construction of retaining walls towards the container yards. They provided the designs for the retaining wall with block fascia while using site-won materials (which was the requirement for this project). The design was created considering the heavy loads of fully loaded containers carrying vehicles (which is ~30KPa). Gabions filled with stones are provided at the toe of the RS Wall in 3 layers to protect the toe of the wall against scouring effect for the entire life of the structure.

Strata used their high-performance geogrid product, StrataGrid™ manufactured from a high-grade PET (polyester) yarn with special, high tenacity and low creep which are optimal engineering characteristics essential for reinforced soil technology.

Strata’s Value Addition

  • The solution was designed to accommodate extreme dynamic loading and seismic conditions
  • Site-won material used as reinforced fill reduced time and cost substantially
  • StrataBlock System is a free-drained system that allow the water to move out of the structure through without need of the weep holes.
  • StrataBlock has a nice aesthetic appearance that matched with the architectural requirement of the projects.

Other advantages include:

Ease & Time saving in Construction:

  • Adaptation with the available infill material (won fill) at the construction site, even the rockfill can be used as a backfill material due to the low installation damage reduction factor of StrataGrid reinforcement.
  • Less sensitivity to the deformation or any potential deferential settlement.
  • Does not require a reinforced concrete foundation, concrete levelling pad without steel rebars are enough since the loads are distributed along the first layer of geogrid.
  • Fully integrated and frictional system depends on the friction between the modular block facing and the grids, secondary reinforcement is placed to enhance the connection between the blocks and the geogrids.
  • Less sequence of installation activities as the backfilling activities can be done during installation of the block facing.
  • Possibility of overlapping the activities of the blocks installation in the same retaining wall.

Economical solution:

  • No need for heavy machineries like cranes for the facing installation as the blocks can be placed manually.
  • Does not require experienced and skilled labors.

Eco-friendly solutions:

  • The system components are not chemically treated material and does not harm the environment.
  • The usage of geosynthetic solutions leads to low carbon emission compared to the reinforced concrete walls.

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