Construction of StrataSlope™ reinforced soil structure for smooth flow of railway traffic

StrataSlope™ reinforced soil structure

Location National Highway 8 (The new NH48) – Ahmedabad-Vadodara stretch
Project Widening and raising the headroom of railway traffic
Principal Client National Highways Authority of India
Client Name Modern Road Makers Pvt. Ltd.
Concessionaire IRB Ahmedabad Vadodara Super Express Tollway Pvt. Ltd.
Independent Engineer Aarvee Associates, Architects Engineers & Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
System Offered StrataSlope™ (temporary wrap around reinforced soil slope)

Project Overview

The expansion project of the National Highway-8 (NH-8) that included the construction of 46 crossovers also demanded the widening of three railway crossings. This work had to be executed in a congested area within the towns and villages along the route. Besides, traffic was to flow across unrestricted during work on both new and old ramps.

The Challenge

There were three rail over bridges (R.O.B) already in the area. These needed to be widened and also raised for more headroom for railway traffic during the expansion of the National Highway. The elevation profile of approach ramps to the new structure differed from that of the existing ones. The road level difference of the new and old ramp was approximately 3 meters. Besides, traffic needed to be operational during construction work on both the old and new ramps. One side of the new ramp abutted against the old bridge crash barrier wall.

Strata’s Innovative Solution

A temporary retaining system was proposed to support the road of the new structure along the full loading of regular traffic on it until the road level of the adjoining old structure was raised to match the level of the new one. Strata innovatively overcame the height difference challenge by providing a StrataSlope™ reinforced soil structure. StrataSlope™ comprised of wrap-around fascia reinforced soil on the internal side. With this innovation, construction of the new ROB was completed well in time.

StrataSlope™ reinforced soil structure

Temporary StrataSlope™ wrap around RS walls

Strata's Value Addition

  • Cost effective – saved a considerable amount of cost.
  • Enabled traffic to continue during construction.
  • On-time delivery of the project.