StrataWeb® solves highway drain lining problems with no need for steel formwork.

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StrataWeb® railroad drain lining won’t crack under strain. And neither will you.

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StrataWeb® is strong, light, flexible, economical. No other drain lining solution is ALL this.

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StrataWeb® saves 30% costs, 20% time, and is the drain lining solution you prayed for.

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Best choice to make this monsoon

Civil engineers and contractors know all too well the woes that heavy rains can bring. Rainwater not efficiently transported can lead to failure of the railroad bed or highway pavement – slope erosion, dislodging of track ballast, and potholes and ruts in roads being some of the problems. Which necessitates an effective drainage system along railway tracks and highways.

But conventional concrete drain lining too has its limitations – it is rigid and often cracks due to shrinkage, leading to failure. The concrete layer tends to be uneven over the long and wide span of the drains. And expensive shuttering steel formwork needs to be expertly assembled, which requires skilled manpower.

StrataWeb® is our cutting-edge geocell lining solution for chute drains and canals. It is a tough, flexible, lightweight, perforated polymeric confinement system which is transported in its collapsed form, then unfolded/expanded onsite to form a honeycomb structure which is then laid out precisely and packed with evenly distributed aggregate material, making it a surprisingly efficient and economical alternative to the usual cumbersome methods.

We can supply you with a StrataWeb® package suited to your project specifications, and offer technical design assistance as well.


Our credentials in Geosolutions

  • edge1
    Pre-approved by NHAI
    as a supplier of geogrids and constructor of RS walls
  • edge2
    in the solutions and construction of reinforced soil structures
  • edge3
    Benchmarking Expertise
    utilised by IRC, MoRTH and BIS for design standards
  • edge4
    World-Class Manufacturing
    plant with a very large production capacity
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    Over 1000 RS Structures
    built to-date, some exceeding 100,000 sqm in size

Benefits of StrataWeb® in outline

Strong, flexible and lightweight,

so it can be easily transported to site and does not require much skilled manpower

Highly economical and saves up to 30% costs

because of its inexpensive polymeric material and less complex installation

Saves up to 20% time

because it is installed very simply, allows easy construction, and thus the project is completed quickly

Creates a more stable mass

due to the increased lockup between individual cells

The lining is long-lasting

thanks to reduced dislodging/damage caused by cracks

Geocells conform better to distortions

across the span of the drainage system

Less concrete is required

and the thickness of the layer is consistent

Water is transported at high speeds

even during the full force of rains

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