Geogrid reinforced soil wall with green fascia

Application A geogrid reinforced green wall
Contractor Mizzy Construction Inc Plainville, Connecticut
Location Connecticut, USA
Products used StrataGrid, StrataSlope
Structure Geometry 90-deg. welded-wire form with secondary geogrid wrap,
Vegetated with grasses, wild flowers & wild berries

Project Overview

Engineers and architects are often asked by their client to find an innovative and customized solution that has great project and operational benefits on construction sites. In this case, our client Norwich Technical High School was carrying out a renovation program for the school. They wanted to construct a geogrid-reinforced green wall that has low carbon footprint on construction sites.

The Challenge

Designers were looking for “green” options in site and vertical construction. The vegetated StrataSlope option makes any grade separation a green structure. In addition to that, it was the most cost effective option chosen for grade changes that did not require a finished “hardscaped” appearance.

Strata’s Innovative Solution

Strata’s technically advanced line of geogrids, geotextiles, retaining wall and slope components was the ideal solution. The designers suggested StrataSlope as the vegetated StrataSlope can make any grade separation a green structure.

The structure runs approximately 800 linear feet (~ 245 meters), has a maximum height of 15 feet (4.5 meters) and is approximately 9,000 face square feet (~836 sqft). The design team had the forethought to consider the limited sunlight exposure, facing direction and the lack of irrigation for the structure. They designed the wall and chose indigenous seedlings for the wall facing with all of this in mind. The result was simply a beautiful, green structure.

“The wall looks great and I’m looking forward to installing an even larger StrataSlope project in the future. It was a very smooth construction process,” The wall went in fast and production is the key for the installer. It’s a great wall system.”
Mike Parker - Project Superintendent at Mizzy Construction

Strata's Value Addition

  • A structurally and economically sound solution
  • Smooth and fast construction process due to ease of installation of StrataGrid
  • The green facing gave an aesthetic look to the site