Support for grade slab for Strata’s new manufacturing facility within the plant area

Location Gujarat, India
Application Grade slab support with StrataWeb® geocells
System Offered StrataWeb® geocells SW356-150
Principal Client Strata Geosystems
Project Size 7726 sq.m.
Design consultants Shanghvi and Associates Consultants Private Limited

Project Overview

Strata Geosystems began construction for its newest state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, in Gujarat (state in Western India). The plant building is approximately 150,000 sq.ft. and will house the next generation of machinery and automation. The flooring of the plant needed to be leveled and ready-to-carry heavy loads for erection of the pre-fabricated structure. The complete structure was required to be erected well before the onset of the monsoons in June 2018.

The Challenge

As the factory needed to be commissioned before the monsoon, the construction work had to be expedited. To expedite work, heavy loads on the grade slabs of the plant required a solution such that the flooring can be speedily laid and also be strong enough to withstand heavy loads from the plant equipment.

Strata’s Innovative Solution

Strata’s team of civil engineers recommended an appropriate solution: StrataWeb® - which is cost-effective, technically-sound and sustainable as it eliminates the need to procure expensive natural materials and is extremely simple to transport and install. It proved to be a better alternative to the conventional stone soling which is normally placed below a factory grade slab. All that StrataWeb® needed was locally and readily available soil. Keeping in mind the need for an effective and timely completion, StrataWeb® is the correct solution to bare heavy loads at construction sites.

StrataSlope™ reinforced soil structure

Strata's Value Addition

  • Saves ~ 25% of construction time in comparison with the conventional method
  • Saved up to 12% of the cost compared to conventional methods
  • Light-weight, easy to transport and install – eliminates the need to procure expensive and heavy stones
  • Highly sustainable