Green Reinforced soil wall for approach to walkway at a park in Doha, Qatar

Green Reinforced soil wall for approach to walkway at a park in Doha, Qatar

Application Soil reinforcement and retaining wall | Middle East
Location Al Bidda Park, Doha, Qatar, Middle East
Client Pioneers of Middle East
Consultant Generic Engineering Technologies W.L.L
Size of the project 1,300 sqm of wall fascia area
Scope of the project Design, supply, and supervision
Products used StrataWeb® SW 445-200, StrataGrid SGU 40, 60 and 80

Overview Of The Project

The client was looking to build an approach to the cross over a walkway at Al Bidda park which is one of the oldest parks in Doha, Qatar. Considering the limitation of space at the site and the topographic profile of the soil, reinforced soil wall with geocell fascia was suggested.


  • Limited availability of footprint
  • Aesthetically pleasing solution owing to the landscaping requirement
  • Topographic profile having variable contour

Conventional method

The conventional method, in this case would have been the construction of Retaining wall / Reinforced soil wall using concrete fascia. But this would not suit the aesthetics of the site and usage of concrete would also increase the cost of the project.

Strata's innovative solution

The site's topographic profile required a geosynthetics approach. For soil whose bearing capacity is poor, our reinforced soil structures are the ideal solution as they can accommodate differential settlement far better than more rigid solutions.Our high-quality soil reinforcement products StrataWeb® and StrataGridwere used in the construction of reinforced soil structure for the approach to the walkway. Strata collaborate with the clients to provide economically sustainable design. The client required a 'green' slope, vegetation of the finished reinforced slope and hence StrataWeb green fascia geocells was suggested.

Strata's Value addition

  • Eye-catchy,green look of the reinforced soil wall: the green fascia of StrataWeb® was complementing the landscape.
  • Substantial cost saving: Our reinforced soil wall solution help client to save up to 20% of the cost compared to conventional RCC retaining wall.