Architects Chosen Method For Sustainable Green Roof

Green Roof Method

Project Title Architects chosen method for sustainable green roof
Location Bangalore, India
Application StrataWeb® Slope Erosion Protection
System Offered StrataWeb® 660-75


With the increased desire for high-performance buildings sustainable building products, and an attractive appearance, green roofs have become a growing roofing option. A green roof is essentially a vegetated landscape on a flat or sloped roof. This option is sometimes dismissed due to the initial investment; many do not realize the long-term costs and other benefits in having a green roof. It mitigates the effects of storm water in several ways and provides a long life-span for the roof with negligible maintenance. Green roofs slow down the water flow by retaining up to 75% of the rainwater, thus alleviating the pressure on storm-water infrastructures.


When soil erodes, especially during harsh weather conditions, the slope can get damaged. For this case, the client wanted to have a high –performance roof top for a residential property that could withstand the adverse weather conditions and also look good.

Conventional Approach

While conventional gardens on a rooftop usually consist of a few pots and planters, a green roof system can cover the whole roof area with the cultivation of plant life without the erosion of the soil. If the whole area was landscaped, it typically would be completed with vegetated soil alone leading to heavy erosion and a lot of maintenance.

Strata's Innovative Approach

Strata Geosystems' technical team of civil engineers designed the appropriate solution - StrataWeb® which is cost-effective, technically -sound and long- lasting. StrataWeb® is a confinement system made of HDPE that prevents soil from slipping off the roof. It is laid across the roof, infilled with either soil or mulch, compacted using minimal equipment, and vegetated. It supports the mulch or soil effectively to prevent erosion and therefore reduces the maintenance. It is technically advanced with engineered perforations to allow for drainage.

Strata's Value Addition

  • Increased life span with significantly lower maintenance
  • Installation was completed within a week
  • Very environmentally friendly by providing insulation to the homes
  • So, so good looking!