Ground improvement of the industrial floor using StrataWeb®

Application Strengthening of the industrial flooring using StrataWeb® geocells
Location Dapodi, Pune, Maharashtra
Client Alfa Laval India Private Limited
Industrial architect Dandekar and Associates
Project management consultant CBRE
Structural consultant S. M. Muzumdar Consulting Engineers, Mumbai
Scope of work Design, supply and supervision
Products used SW HD 356 – 125, SGU 40 and NW 200 GSM

Project overview

This project involves the strengthening of the industrial floor of a manufacturing facility of M/S Alfa Laval, a Sweden based MNC. The company is involved in the manufacturing of heat transfer systems. The facility is located near the old Mumbai-Pune Highway, erstwhile NH-4. The expansion of the manufacturing unit was adjoining the existing unit.


Due to the location of the plant, the conventional method of soil replacement was not a feasible technique, as it would have

  • Been a tedious task to replace the soil up to 2–3 meters from the OGL
  • Required a lot of statutory compliance for dumping the excavated soil
  • Affected the daily operations of the existing manufacturing unit, in case of any delay in execution due to construction. Hence, the speed of construction was of essence for this project

Conventional solution

The conventional section consisted of the filling of murrum up to a depth of 3 m, which would have been a very time consuming and tedious task. Since, the plant was in city limits, dumping of the excavated material outside the city and getting statutory approvals from the municipal corporation was a tough job. Moreover, the plant needed to be commissioned before the onset of monsoon and the construction activity had to be expedited.

Strata’s innovative solution

Strata’s team of geotechnical experts offered a geosynthetic solution for load-bearing structures with StrataWeb® geocells. With the use of StrataWeb® geocells, the thickness of the murrum was reduced to 1 m, which was a much feasible solution in terms of both time and money. Moreover, the addition of StrataGrid™ layers within the murrum layer ensured that the compaction of murrum was done properly.

Strata’s value addition

  • Usage of StrataWeb® proved to be a technically advanced method than the conventional soil replacement method.
  • Saved up to 25% of the cost as compared to the conventional section.
  • Faster execution of work, due to ease of installation of StrataWeb® and StrataGrid™.