Retaining Walls Construction for Industrial & Real Estate Sector

Land Development

Soil Solutions for Land Development

We’ve all heard that strength lies within. Everything needs a solid, strong base. What’s needed is a holistic solution that can provide strong support to any structure while also providing an aesthetic finish. It must be a solution that not only supports the base for such construction but can also help in the creation of an entire ecosystem of strength, beauty and security within the land space.

Industrial Flooring

We have added science to an otherwise undefined task – industrial flooring. Building large industrial facilities come with tight deadlines and budgets. As part of our industrial flooring package, we are offering a system for the base of the facility floor. The flooring system comprises of a combination of our products. This system will enable you to avoid procurement of expensive, natural materials like stones and will also allow you to use locally available in-fill. It can save up to 15% of the up-front costs compared to other methods and can provide significant savings in the long-term maintenance of the facility. The construction time decreases by more than 25%, allowing you to commission your facility on time!

Internal Roads

We understand that your project sites will likely be located in industrial and remote areas. Conventionally, these roads are susceptible to sub-soil characteristics and tend to have weak sub-grades requiring extra maintenance as they are easily damaged. Strata’s solutions will provide a strong base for construction traffic when the facility is being constructed and once the structure is complete, the road can be covered with asphalt or concrete to provide the finished surface. This will cause a substantial drop in operational issues caused by poor access for heavy vehicles. Strata’s systems enable very high loads on these roads so there should be no concern about heavy trucks and containers arriving at your facility.

Loading Areas/Aprons/Parking Lots/Crane Pads

The heavy loads and turning tires from multi-ton vehicles running over the same pathways each day can cause ruts and eventually cause failure. The addition of aggregate to fill in the ruts is a short-term solution but does not provide long-term stability. Strata can help you with this. With a mixture of Strata’s products we can provide a stiff base course that will withstand heavy loads without significant deformation. The products spread the weight of the heavy load over a larger area. The solution is 50% more cost-effective than a complete concrete pavement solution!

Drain Lining

Almost all sites face drainage as a tedious challenge. However, Strata can fix this for you. Our drain lining system offers a flexible lining that will conform to shape distortions and can withstand the stresses of flowing water. The quality control offered using the drain lining is unmatched. The product is filled with concrete and allowed to set which eliminates the need for form-work that is required in conventional concrete solutions. The ease of installation offers a 30% saving in construction time!

Retaining Walls

Strata provides products and technical designs for aesthetic and cost-effective permanent and temporary retaining walls. Our intricately designed system of StrataGrid™ (manufactured in-house) with your choice of fascia (wire basket, stone, green/vegetated, concrete, customized) provides long-term stability and saves land space at your site. Compared to a regular RCC concrete or stone masonry wall, we can save up to 20% of the cost and get better utility of the land space. Please review the fascia flyer for options on your next retaining wall.

Slope Protection

Most sites will likely have needs for erosion from slopes. Strata’s technical expertise in erosion coupled with its in-house products manufactured for slope erosion, is the ideal solution for any erosion protection challenge you have at site. This solution is more stable, faster to construct, and less expensive compared to other conventional methods.

Green Roofs

With an increased desire for high-performance buildings and an attractive appearance, green roofs have become a viable roofing option. When soil erodes, especially during adverse weather, these slope roofs need to be protected. Strata’s solution for green roofs requires minimal machinery, enables the growth of vegetation, and significantly reduces maintenance.

Tree Root Protection

Strata’s tree root protection system uses a soil confinement mechanism to laterally restrain infill and provide support to heavy loads. The product’s unique cellular structure enables it to have a unique cell size, depth, and wall perforations that combine to create the leading tree root protection system. This exclusive solution is a no-dig solution that will ensure any loads placed upon it are laterally dissipated instead of being transferred to the soils and roots below the ground.