Improvement of Bearing Capacity at Port

Improvement of Bearing Capacity at Port

Location Deendayal Port (erstwhile Kandla Port), Gujarat
Principal Client Intech Infrastructure
Client ECIL Rapiscan Limited, Hyderabad
Principal Client Intech Infrastructure
Consultant Sandilya Consulting Engineers, Hyderabad
Application Improvement of load bearing capacity at the Container Yard
System Offered StrataWeb® Geocells
Project Execution December 2013


Directorate of Logistics, Central Board of Excise & Customs, proposed to install a mobile and fixed gamma ray container scanner system for the container yard at Deendayal Port (erstwhile Kandla Port), Gujarat.

The area is on the Gulf of Kutch coast and the subsoil is soft marine clay. The ultimate bearing capacity is not adequate to withstand the maximum load of 40 tonnes of container stacks. Notwithstanding the possibility of shear failure, the computed long-term settlement is also high.


Strata India was approached for a cost-effective ground improvement system. Considering the technical issues as well as time and economy factors, the most optimum solution was a system incorporating a single layer of StrataWeb® geocells in-filled with non-plastic granular material, the conventional gravel-sand mix for flexible pavements.


Stagnated water was drained out from the area to get a completely dry working surface. StrataWeb®, Style SW 35200 was used. The existing surface was compacted and dressed. After levelling and dressing the surface, a layer of 300 GSM Polypropylene non-woven geotextile was laid at the base. A layer of StrataWeb® SW 35200 was then placed above the geotextile. The StrataWeb® panels were joined together with a pneumatic stapler and metallic staple pins. Cells of StrataWeb® were filled with aggregate with a top up of 50mm. The infilling of StrataWeb® was done both manually and with the help of a front loader and tippers. The surface was compacted with the help of a vibratory compactor. The in-filled geocells and top-up were overlaid by 100mm thick PCC. A M30 grade reinforced concrete slab formed the top layer.

Benefits to the Client

StrataWeb® geocells proved to be a rapid and successful solution to improve the bearing capacity of soft soil and construction of the container yard could proceed immediately.

StrataWeb® is fast and an all-weather installation solution. No skilled labour is required. Installation is rapid and local non-plastic material could be used as in-fill. These factors result in substantial savings in money and resources.