Slope erosion protection using StrataWeb® geocells

Application Slope erosion protection at a building complex
Location Kiarong, Brunei
Client Public Works Department
Department Ministry of Development
Products used: SW 660-100

Project overview

The Public Works Department, Brunei had to provide a solution to manage the erosion and prevent further scouring of the slope at a building complex in Kiarong, a commercial area in Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital of Brunei.


  • Limited space between the existing fence and the building at the toe of the slope
  • No heavy machinery was allowed
  • Steep slope angle and curvature of the slope along the length
  • As the slope surface had eroded, erosion protection work with StrataWeb® geocells had to be carried out with great precision. If left untreated, this condition might have been aggravated in the event of moderate rain and water runoff
  • Growth of vegetation was an important aspect to prevent any further erosion of the geocell infilled with soil

Strata’s innovative solution

StrataWeb® geocell slope erosion protection system along with StrataCord and StrataFast for efficient load transfer was recommended by the geotechnical experts at Strata and ATH Chevron. The style recommended for this project is SW 660-100, which was infilled with soil that is conducive to vegetation.

StrataWeb® was recommended as an appropriate solution for effectively protecting the soil along the slope. The infilled geocells provide a stable layer of the confined material over the slope surface and resist sheet flow from the surface runoff. Due to its flexible structure, StrataWeb® geocell conforms to the contour of the slope and is installed with ease in the curvatures along the length of the embankment. The perforations help in providing effective interlock of roots for the vegetation to nurture and sustain, thereby providing a visually pleasing green surface that additionally helps in protecting the surface from erosion.

Strata’s value addition

  • Environment friendly, low carbon emission.
  • Faster execution of work due to ease of installation of geocells saving time of the project.
  • StrataWeb® is extremely fast and easy to implement. It does not require skilled technical expertise for the construction process.
  • Excellent inbuilt drainage feature of StrataWeb®, which allows release of pore water pressure.
  • StrataWeb® erosion control system is a cost effective, robust, and long-lasting solution.