StrataWeb® load support for strengthening access road

geocells for slope erosion protection at railway embankment

Application Load support for an internal access road of warehouse
Location Chennai, India
Client Saint Gobain warehouse facility
Project Scope Design, supply, and supervision with StrataWeb® geocells SW356-150, non-woven geotextile 150GSm

Project overview

This project is for strengthening an access road using StrataWeb® geocells for the Saint Gobain warehouse in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The internal access road of the warehouse was damaged and that was impacting daily operations at the facility. The client was looking for a solution that would open up access quickly.


  • Differential settlement due to the movement of 60-ton silo trailers.
  • Non-availability of large size stones rubble soling in vicinity.
  • Due to the onset of North-East monsoons, the laying of wearing course was postponed by client and a solution for immediate access to the internal road was required.
  • Sub-surface stratum consists of high plasticity clay up to a depth of 7 m.

Conventional/alternative solution

The internal road which was constructed initially at the time of construction of the facility had become non-operational because of differential settlement and potholes. Any other alternative method like rubble soling was not possible due to the unavailability of large size stones in the vicinity. This would have been an expensive and time-consuming method.

Strata's innovative solution

Strata’s geotechnical experts recommended using its unique, cellular confinement system known as StrataWeb® geocell, along with non-woven geotextile. StrataWeb® load support system is used as a foundation reinforcement for enhancing the load-carrying characteristics of weak soils. It helps in confining the soil due to its three-dimensional structure. It aids in distributing the load to a wider area thereby reducing stresses on the overall crust thickness. It also helps in strengthening the pavement life by reinforcing the soil within.

Strata's value addition

  • Immediate access to the road after installing StrataWeb®.
  • Faster execution of work due to ease of installation of StrataWeb® and the use of on-site infill material
  • Besides saving time, usage of StrataWeb® saved 15% cost as compared to the conventional solution.
  • Minimal on-going maintenance.