Waste Storage

Slope Protection

The mining industry generates various types of wastes which needs to be managed properly in regards to environmental protection. Therefore, there is a need to construct confining structure for controlling disposal of wastes. The large size of waste piles up leading to geotechnically unstable slope or foundations. Strata’s StrataWeb® confines the infill material within the cell, thereby reduces the potential for erosion and prevents the downward movement of materials due to wind and water.

Steep Slope / Wall

Mining industry generates lot of tailings, process waste, over burden and ash dykes. These wastes are large in quantity and disposal of these waste is a challenge. This is mainly due to need for hectares of fresh land. Strata recognizes that maximizing land use is the most critical need and has a major cost impact on any site development. Challenges in resolving grade change on the site are increasingly necessary as land cost increases and the difficulty to develop property becomes commonplace. To address these challenges, we provide the technical basis and economic solution for severe slope challenges, problematic soil conditions and land development needs.

Strata Systems uses primary and secondary StrataGrids, combined with traditional erosion protection products and vegetation to provide sound engineered solutions for reinforced steep slopes. Steep slopes are classified as structures with a face that is less than 70 degrees from the horizontal.

Any structure greater than 70 degrees should consider our retaining walls solutions.

Access roads

Access roads leading to a mine are generally not well maintained and have soft soil. Poor access roads lead to lower efficiency and reduced turn around times for vehicles. Strata ground improvement solutions help in improving the bearing capacity of sub grades, reduce differential settlements, are easy and rapid to construct, can be engineered for site specific challenges and can make use of locally available materials. StrataGrid™ biaxial (PP) works on the principles of interlocking of particles and behaves like a 2D rigid mat. This product can be used for moderate ground improvement challenges.

StrataWeb® is very effective and feasible in cases where the subgrade is very soft or the loads are very high. As it confines the infilled material it provides a stiff base layer for the access road. StrataWeb® facilitates the use of various kinds of infill materials such as construction debris, riprap, recycled asphalt pavement etc. StrataWeb® helps to offer substantial reduction of rolling and overhead cost savings.