Mechanically Stabilized Earth Berm to Expand Existing Landfill Space

Modern Landfill

Client Modern Landfill of Model City
Application Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) berm
Product used StrataGrid 350, StrataGrid 500, StrataGrid150
Location New York, United States of America

Project Overview

A high-pressure gas line running through a landfill site near Lewiston, New York presented a challenge to the landfill owner, Modern Landfill of Model City, NY. The original plan of moving the gas line to meet the capacity needs of the landfill was quite onerous and hence there was a need for a fresh look.

The Conventional Approach

The traditional method of an earthen berm was explored to separate the landfill from the gas line, but that would result in a significant reduction in available landfill capacity. The client’s biggest challenge was to meet the full capacity needs for the landfill while minimizing the footprint.

Strata's Innovative Solution

Geotechnical experts from Strata and Modern Landfill worked together to design a 5:1 Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) berm near the gas line allowing the landfill to have the full capacity with a smaller footprint.

The design suggested the use of StrataGrid™, which is manufactured from a high-grade PET (polyester) yarn with special, high tenacity and low creep which have optimal engineering characteristics essential for reinforced soil technology. Strata's SG350 and SG500 were used for the primary reinforcement to reinforce the soil for the berm. Strata's lighter weight SG150 was installed for secondary reinforcement in fill lifts in between the primary reinforcement.

Strata’s Value addition

  • The client was able to maintain the permitted landfill area and capacity without the need to move the high-pressure gas line.
  • Rapid construction with technically sound systems.
  • Cost-effective by providing more storage revenue within the same land space