Reinforced soil wall using StrataBlockTM system

Name of the project North Abha Development Grants
Application Reinforced soil wall using StrataBlockTM system
Location KSA - Abha
Client Ministry of Housing
Consultant and designer Khatib and Alami Partners engineering company
Contractor SaadBin Said Al-Saidi contracting company
Size/value of the project 2,800 sqm
Scope of the project Design, supply, and supervision

Project overview

The project is situated in Abha, capital city of Aseer Province near the Red Sea in southwest Saudi Arabia. As a part of the ambitious urban vision plan of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide affordable housing for the growing population close to the main cities, the Ministry of Housing, Saudi Arabia embarked upon the launch of several infrastructural projects that included land developments, landscaping, drainage, and construction of other critical structures.


  • The area is characterized with mountainous terrains, existing open channels, and large level differences that were critical to be addressed for maximizing the land utilization within the limited space constraints.
  • Resolving the grade change challenges has become significant on this project as the impacts associated with conventional solutions were not desirable.
  • Additionally, the client wanted a retention solution that utilizes site-won fill.

Conventional solution

Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) retaining walls were turning out to be expensive and time consuming whereas conventional slope embankments were associated with increased footprint and reduced usable land.

Strata’s innovative solution

Strata’s geotechnical experts recognizes that maximizing land use is the most critical need and has a major cost impact on any site development. To address these issues, reinforced soil retaining wall with StrataBlockTM fascia have been proposed as an alternative, thereby providing the technical basis and economic solution for land development needs.

Strata’s value addition

  • Utilizing the site-won excavated material as reinforced fill not only reduced the construction time but also the costs associated with imported fill and its transportation
  • Increased speed of execution due to ease in installation of StrataBlockTM system, thereby offering significant time savings unlike the conventional methods
  • StrataBlockTM reinforced soil walls are open structures that allow the water to move out of the structure through the drainage bay behind the blocks without additional need of weep holes