Power and Energy Solution

Power / Energy

Strata solutions can be used across all power generation projects for various civil challenges such as reservoir lining for thermal plants, foundation protection for wind turbines, cable and foundation improvement for solar farms, slope protection for hydel projects etc.

Reservoir Lining

For any thermal power plant, water is one of the most critical input materials and is typically stored in large reservoirs. With the increasing scarcity in water, it has become all the more imperative to prevent water losses and maintain a large stock of water to keep the plant operational. Water losses are reduced by lining the reservoir with a geomembrane, which further has to be protected against UV radiation and physical tears. The conventional method of using PCC tiles is not very effective, is very time consuming to install and requires constant maintenance.

StrataWeb® slope lining system is an ideal replacement for these tiles. StrataWeb®, laid on the slope above the membrane, can be in-filled with wet concrete directly from the transit mixer. It behaves like a sacrificial shutter, which is easy to install while preventing damage to the underlying membrane and imparts a degree of flexibility to the finished concrete surface. The cell walls act as expansions joints allowing the concrete to expand and prevents mitigation of cracks. Installation is 4-5 times faster as compared to PCC tiles.

Ground improvement

Operational efficiency is an important issue for any project and all the more critical for a power plant. This entails amongst other things, having all weather access to all the plant locations, low maintenance for railway embankments, storage yards, switchyards, and other such load bearing surfaces.

Strata solutions for ground improvement are very versatile and can be designed and optimized for specific site challenges. Whether there is a need to improvement the bearing capacity below the railway embankment carrying coal to constructing paved/unpaved roads in low CBR areas, Strata solutions will fit the bill.