Rail Embankment| Slope Erosion Control & Stabilisation

geocells for slope erosion protection at railway embankment

Application Slope erosion protection of railway embankment at Bina - Katni New Railway Line
Location Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, India
Client West Central Railways (Bhopal Division, Construction)
Size of the project 1,550 sqm of StrataWeb® Geocells
Scope of the work Design, Supply, Installation, Supervision, Maintenance

Project overview

The Bina–Katni line is the railway route between Bina Junction railway station of Bina and the New Katni Junction railway station of Katni in Madhya Pradesh, India. The line serves as important stations for commercial goods as well as passengers. The embankment faces problems of slope erosion due to its profile. In addition adverse weather conditions such as the heavy monsoons causes problems of rain cuts. To overcome these barriers, an innovative solution was demanded by the client.


  • The embankment was high (5m to 8m vertical) therefore slopes of these embankments required extra care
  • No linear integrity among tiles ,dislocation of one tile leads to cascading collapse of all tiles
  • The aesthetics were unpleasing
  • Unavailability of skilled labour in the region for concrete tiling.
  • Tight deadline for completing the project

Conventional method

The conventional approach would have been to use stone pitching or lining with concrete tiles but due to the constraints of time and labour, these were not feasible. The usage of concrete or stone pitching would have increased the cost of the project.

Strata's innovative solution

Strata’s experts designed this project using StrataWeb® geocells. The StrataWeb® innovative solution for side-slope protection is cost-effective, technically-sound, long-lasting and eco-friendly. The technically advanced solution leaves a low carbon footprint along the highway embankment slope, besides protecting the slopes against erosion despite the height of it. StrataWeb® geocells were laid along the slope and anchored in to ensure longevity and confinement. Once the product is laid, it confines the aggregate on the slope and ensures protection against any erosion.

StrataWeb® is a lightweight, and strong, three-dimensional, curvilinear rhomboidal shaped, cellular confinement system. It can be used as a foundation reinforcement mat as well as an erosion control barrier for slope surfaces.

Strata's value addition

  • Cost-effective solution: this solution helped client to save up to 50% of the cost compared to a conventional stone pitching solution
  • StrataWeb® slope erosion system is a proven robust and long-lasting solution  
  • Faster execution of work due to ease of installing StrataWeb
  • Greener and eco-friendly solution
  • Ability to use unskilled labour for the installation