Embankment Slope Protection Stabilization

Slope Protection

Location Sambalpur – Rourkela, Odisha
Principal Client Odisha Works Department
Client Larsen & Toubro Sambalpur Rourkela Tollway Limited (L&T SRTL), a 100% owned SPV of L&T IDPL
Independent Engineer Aarvee Associates Architects, Engineers & Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Application Slope erosion protection with StrataWeb®
Project Size 72,828 sqm
Geosynthetics Used StrataWeb® SW 712-75

Project Overview

Side slope erosion has always been an issue for highway embankments. Especially during the monsoons, these slopes pose a challenge. The Larsen & Toubro-IDPI SPV, constructing its 163km long Rourkela-Sambalpur tollway road project in Odisha faced this issue. The project is along the state highway SH-10, extending the original two lanes to four lanes. Odisha, a State on the East Coast of India is known for high intensity rains for long durations.

The embankment slope lengths were as long as 16 metres with a slope gradient of 2H : 1V. Such slopes are susceptible to erosion due to rain water run-off and progressive attrition can compromise the stability of the vital earth structure.

The Conventional Solution

Stone pitching is a conventional erosion control technique for embankment slopes. However, stone procurement and mining has become an onerous activity which also provokes environmental concerns. It requires skilled workmen and is labour intensive. With these factors and the new government policies emphasizing green highways with low carbon footprint, the StrataWeb® system is the best option.

Strata's Innovative Solution

The StrataWeb® innovative solution for side-slope protection is cost-effective, technically-sound, long-lasting and eco-friendly. The technically advanced solution leaves a low carbon footprint and lush greenery along the highway embankment slope, besides protecting the slopes against erosion.

StrataWeb® prevents erosion along the slope by providing a stable layer of confined material over the surface. Analysis by Strata specialists suggested SW 712-75 (weld spacing 712 mm and cell depth of 75 mm) as a safe and apt solution. StrataWeb® SW 712-75 when infilled with soil acts effectively as a barrier to virtually eliminate erosion along the slope surface. It provides a stable layer of confined material over the slope surface. The confined layer fosters vegetation growth to provide a green surface. Roots of the vegetation further prevent erosion.

Strata's Value Addition

  • 5 times faster installation due to ease of StrataWeb® transportation and use of locally available and cheaper material
  • Saved up to 50% of the cost vs. stone pitching
  • Increased life span with lower maintenance
  • Environment friendly, low carbon emission
  • A very good-looking, green highway!