Construction of Reinforced Soil Wall using StrataGrid

Construction of Reinforced Soil Wall using StrataGrid

Project Title Strata India sets New Benchmark in RS Wall Construction
Client National Highway Authority of India (NHAI)
Contractor IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd.
Max. Height 11.5 m
Project type Construction of Reinforced Soil Walls using StrataGrid
Location Surat - Dahisar (NH-8 in the Gujarat section)
System Offered StrataGrid + StrataBlock
Design Consultant STUP Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Completion Year 2011
Duration 6 months

Project Brief

The section of National Highway (NH-8), between Dahisar (suburb of Mumbai) and Surat has been plagued with high-traffic density consisting of heavy vehicles. In order to ease the traffic, the National Highway Authority of India decided to construct 16 new structures over chainage 300 to 375 and widen the road to six lanning. Reinforced Soil Walls were selected for their ease in construction in constrained spaces, cost benefits and quality assurances. Strata proposed the use of StrataBlock system on the basis of its cost and time advantages, amongst other things.


The biggest challenge for Strata had been time constraints. Even though the casting of blocks started on time, the erection of the structures was delayed due to the prolonged and erratic monsoon season in 2010. Thus the hurdle faced, was in erecting all 16 structures before the next monsoon season which gave Strata only ten months to complete all the structures. To complete a project of this scale, Strata had to accelerate and provide extra capacity and resources.

Strata Solution

Strata's professional team at both the head office and at the project site coordinated their activities on a daily basis. A unique and advanced technology software (called "Site Tracker") was custom built for this project, which recorded the various reports and updates regarding the construction of the structures. For smooth management and greater efficiency, the erection stages were divided into three independent projects and two separate casting yards were established.

The StrataBlock system has been used as they have a built-in slope, are self aligning and are cast with an inter-locking system. The structures were designed using Federal Highway Administration - National Highway Institute (FHWA-NHI) guidelines and comprised checks for external, internal and global stability under static and seismic conditions. To make the structure look aesthetically pleasing corner blocks and expansion joint blocks were incorporated by the design team. Strata provided a turnkey solution right from supplying raw materials, designing the structures, casting of all the blocks, to the final construction of the relevant structures.

Benefits to the Client

Strata not only helped the project meet its deadline, but also helped maximize the projects profitability to the owner/client by allowing it to open on schedule.