StrataWeb® for flexible pavement at manufacturing unit

StrataWeb Geocell reinforcement for flexible pavement

Application Strengthening of Sub-base of internal roads using StrataWeb® geocells.
Location GRI Powergear Towers India Private Limited, Andhra Pradesh, India
Client Parikh and Associates, Sangli ; GRI Powergear Towers India Private Limited
System Offered Design, supply, and supervision with StrataWeb® SW HD 356-125
Project Size 8.9 Acres (36000 sqm)


Strata’s client wanted to strengthen the internal roads of their manufacturing facility of wind turbine towers. The site consisted of weak clayey soil with a CBR (California bearing ratio) of 15% which needed to be strengthened for traffic movement and to minimize the effects of ruts due to vehicular passes.


  • 1. Weak subgrade on which the road was to be built
  • 2. The road needed to cater to very heavy loads
  • 3. Fatigue and rutting of the roads

Strata’s Innovative Solution

Strata’s team of geotechnical experts suggested removing a layer of thickness of the road crust and adding a layer of StrataWeb® geocell. Introducing StrataWeb® in the granular base or sub-base not only improves the longevity of the pavement but also economizes the overall crust thickness.

StrataWeb® helps in confining the soil due to its three-dimensional structure. It helps in distributing the load to a wider area thereby reducing stresses on the overall crust thickness. It also helps in strengthening the pavement life by reinforcing soil within. StrataWeb enabled the used of locally available aggregate.

Strata’s Value Addition

  • Reduction of layer of thickness of road crust, saving 20% cost over a conventional road section
  • Faster execution of work due to ease of installation of StrataWeb®
  • Minimal on-going maintenance