Construction of Township roads at Jhansi with StrataWeb®

Construction of Township roads at Jhansi with StrataWeb

Main Client Emami Developers, Kolkata
Location Shivpuri – Lalitpur Bypass Road, Jhansi-UP
Solution Offered StrataWeb® Geocells SW330-100mm
Application Concrete road construction
Project Completion December 2014


Emami Developers of Kolkata is constructing a big residential township project near Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh. The site is approximately 16 km from Jhansi Railway Station on the Shivpuri – Lalitpur Bypass Road.


The project included about 20km of internal roads within the complex. The developer had planned for concrete roads for longevity; however a conventionally designed concrete road was costly. Strata was approached to provide a cost-effective and long lasting solution.

Design Solution

A technically sound and an economical solution was proposed by Strata using SW330-100mm StrataWeb® geocells infilled with M20 concrete.

Concrete filled StrataWeb® was chosen to increase the life of wearing layer of road and to give a good riding quality. StrataWeb® infilled with concrete provided a durable, low permeability, low maintenance interlocking system that is very simple to construct. The modular confinement of the concrete within the cells reduces any chances of surface cracking.

Construction Overview

The CBR of the subgrade was about 10% and hence neither any ground improvement nor laying granular sub-base was required. The road width was 3m. During the first phase, a road length of 400m was taken up.

The subgrade was levelled, watered and compacted to 95% of its maximum Proctor density. A thin PVC sheet was then laid over the compacted surface. StrataWeb® were then laid and anchored to the soil base with temporary steel spikes. M20 concrete was poured into the cells. Concrete slump was maintained around 80mm to100mm for easy flowability and packing within the StrataWeb®.

The anchor spikes were removed after the concrete was poured. A surface / plate vibrator was used to compact and smoothen out the surface. The final surface was given a wooden float finish. Once the concrete was initially set, patterns were traced on the concrete surface. Curing was carried out covering the concrete surface with jute and sprinkling water for seven days. A slight super-elevation was also provided for drainage into the side drains. A team of three to four unskilled labour could complete the Work within a day's shift.

Benefits to Clients

  • StrataWeb® provide cost effective, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing roads.
  • Concrete roads with StrataWeb® geocells proved to be economical as the customer there was huge time saving, reduced requirement of labour and machinery requirements.
  • StrataWeb® serves as three-dimensional sacrificial shuttering which divide the concrete into modular cells that do not crack. The 244mm X 210mm cell size provides a jointed concrete block system, similar to interlocked paving. Such interlocking is created by the texturized surface and perforations of the geocell walls. This provides a flexible but tough pavement surface.