Slope Erosion Protection for Golf Course with StrataWeb®

Slope Erosion Protection for Golf Course with StrataWeb

Principal Client DLF Home Developers Ltd.
Location DLF Golf Course, Gurgaon
Solution Offered StrataWeb® Geocells (SW445-100 and SW 660-100)
Application Slope erosion protection
Project Completion April, 2015


DLF set about re-designing its 18 holes golf course into a grand 27-holes facility in the heart of Gurgaon in 2014. It is slated to be India's best, boasting of world-class greens and facilities. The link will be host to a number of international and national tournaments.


The redesign of the golf links requires the terrain undulating to heights as much as 30m to 40m. In some cases the slope is 2H : 1V and a few are as steep as 1H : 1V. Such heights and steep slopes caused heavy soil erosion along the slopes during the rains.

Design Solution

Initially, hessian cloth and mulch was tried-out but these proved to be inadequate during heavy rainfall. This was not acceptable for a world class facility. It was then that Strata offered slope protection using its StrataWeb® geocells over the slopes to arrest soil erosion. After analysis, it was decided to use two styles of StrataWeb®, SW660 100 for 2H : 1V slopes and SW 445 100 for 1H : 1V.

Much of the work had already progressed when StrataWeb® was introduced. Owing to deadlines faced by the Client, 27,000 sqm of StrataWeb® were required to be installed within two months, which Strata accepted in its stride and completed the Work successfully.

Construction Overview

Strata's scope included designs, besides supply and installation. StrataWeb® was installed in difficult conditions where the slope was 40m high with a steep gradient of 1H : 1V. StrataWeb® proved its worth when, after installation, there were heavy downpours and no erosion was observed.

Benefits to Clients

  • On the DLF Project, StrataWeb® proved to be a time-saver and quite effective.
  • StrataWeb® worked out to be more economical than the mulch and hessian cloth option. In fact, it was virtually impossible to place mulch and hessian cloth over the slope of 1H : 1V.
  • StrataWeb® requires no maintenance.
  • Infilling with vegetated soil served the landscaping essentials of the golf course.
  • StrataWeb® is environment friendly. Besides zero quarrying needs depending on the infilling, the light and collapsible material reduces transportation requirements, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.