Construction of Retaining Wall at Bengaluru with StrataWeb®

Construction of Retaining Wall at Bengaluru with StrataWeb

Principal Client Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike
Project Consultants STUP Consultants Pvt Ltd
Location Near Gali Anjaneya Temple, Bengaluru
Solution Offered StrataWeb® Geocells
Application Gravity retaining wall for bridge approaches and road formation
Project Completion February, 2013


Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike had awarded a work of bridge construction over storm-water drain near Gali Anjaneya Temple, Mysore Road, Bengaluru, to URC Construction, Erode.


The approaches to the bridge were to be constructed within a short time-frame and in the midst of traffic congestion. A concrete retaining structure would have required space for its construction. Besides, construction of conventional concrete retaining structures would have resulted in time over-runs.

Strata's Innovative Solution

It was decided to construct the retaining structures of the approach ramps using StrataWeb® geocells for better economy, speed and ease and convenience of construction in the congested environment.

Construction Overview

Work on the wall commenced during the last week of January 2013 and was completed in 10 days. SW356-150 was used for the mentioned project. The StrataWeb® panels are stacked atop each other. Soil or aggregate is in-filled within the geocells as the panels are stacked. The panels are also placed such that there is a progressive backward batter. The mechanics of the system is the same as a gravity wall and the StrataWeb® resists the activating sliding forces and overturning moments by its weight. Gravity retaining walls constructed of StrataWeb® have a reasonable degree of flexibility that allows them to be constructed over foundation soils, which are non-uniform along the length, and there are possibilities of large differential settlements. The soil ledges created by the backward batter were shotcreted to prevent vandalism in the urban public environment.

The in-filled panels were then compacted. Post the completion of all the layers, friction slabs were laid on the surface along the edges and crash barriers were placed on top. The façade was shotcreted to prevent any intentional or accidental damage.

Value Addition to our clients

  • The provided system turns out to be a robust system, due to technical advantages of the products. The perforated structure of StrataWeb® serves as free-draining weep holes to completely relieve build-up of hydro-static pressures essential for safe design.
  • Unlike conventional systems, installation of the retaining structure with StrataWeb® is rapid, with minimal use of standard equipment and trained manpower.
  • An all weather installation
  • Customers benefit from this system as the locally available infill material is used, thus reducing the over all cost for the raw materials and transportations costs involved.
  • The system is truly environment friendly, leaving a very small carbon footprint owing to minimal resources requirements.
  • The structure is virtually maintenance free and long lasting.