StrataSlope™ Geosynthetic reinforced soil slopes and walls

StrataSlope Geosynthetic reinforced soil slopes and walls

StrataSlope, an environment-friendly green-faced solution, can substantially increase usable land for change-of-grade applications. In addition, the cost associated with StrataSlopeTM is significantly lower than those associated with comparable alternates. StrataSlope can lead to many interesting benefits such as creating usable space at the top or toe of the slope and eliminating the cost of concrete facing elements.

StrataSlope can therefore be constructed steeper than the soil’s natural angle of repose. StrataSlope increases the usable land and offers the land developer the flexibility to create stable structures that fit the natural contours of the land.


  • Significant cost savings compared to steel reinforced concrete structures
  • Tolerant of total or differential settlement
  • Multiple facing solutions including vegetation and rock fill
  • Fast installation

  • Minimal machinery and manpower required with little site preparation
  • Minimize impact on environmental area (i.e wetlands, natural habitats)
  • Excellent structural capacity (i.e 70 degrees reinforced slopes exceeding 27.43m vertical height)
  • Utilize on site infill to minimize borrow requirements

Technical Information

StrataSlope is ecofriendly solution and can lead to many interesting benefits from different type of slopes: