StrataTex HSR™ The Future of Geotextiles

StrataTex HSR™ is a next-generation, flexible, polyester, high-performance geotextile designed for use in soil reinforcement and other civil engineering applications.

Tested in GAI-LAP accredited labs, StrataTex HSR™ is CE and ISO certified. It is designed as per international standards and for a wide variety of applications.

StrataTex HSR™ is manufactured using a high-grade polyester yarn featuring high tenacity and low creep properties that are then knitted into a stable network.

It is differentiated from other geotextiles by its lower elongation, superior stress-strain values as well as high permeability performance. It has wider widths (up to 5.8 m) and customised lengths for usage that reduces wastage and ensures cost-efficiency.


  • Wide range of ultimate tensile strengths from 50 kN/m to 800 kN/m.
  • Unique linear knitted fibers allow the yarns to reach full tensile strength at low elongation.
  • Allows higher water flow due to its excellent permeability characteristic.
  • The knitted yarns make it much more stable during handling.


StrataTex HSR™ is manufactured in the state-of-the-art manufacturing plant located in India. The manufacturing process involves 2 phases:

Quality & Testing

Many design engineers face challenges finding geosynthetic reinforcements that meet quality standards. The long-term performance of a geotextile is dependent on several factors such as raw materials used, the manufacturing process adopted, the designs, and the end application.

Since geotextiles are used for critical designs, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the above factors. To meet those standards, StrataTex HSR™ undergoes exhaustive testing at internationally reputed laboratories to define all of the above factors. Please Contact Us

Technical Information

StrataTex HSR™ - The Future of Geotextiles.