StrataWall™ MSE Retaining Wall Solutions

StrataWall MSE Retaining Wall Solutions

StrataWall is a T-shaped / Square shaped concrete panel-faced reinforced soil wall system. The granular backfill is reinforced with StrataGrid to create an internally stabilized mass of reinforced soil which withstands both static as well as dynamic loads. StrataGrid is connected to the concrete panels using a positive mechanical connection of galvanized steel loops and a PVC covered galvanized steel rod.

StrataWall is a near vertical reinforced soil wall which may be constructed as a single monolith or in steps. The facing being large precast slabs of around 3 sqm can be rendered with aesthetically pleasing surfaces. StrataWall is a cost effective alternative to comparable steel soil reinforcement or conventional reinforced cement concrete retaining walls. StrataWall panels are precast at project site resulting in easy availability and faster construction.


  • Positive connection between geogrids and fascia
  • Galvanized connecting rod with a PVC sleeve is extremely safe
  • RCC panels offer strong fascia
  • Extremely stable system

  • Ideal for very high walls
  • System carries good amount of acceptance amongst the user and the consultant community
  • Offers high ground coverage by StrataGrid

Technical Information

StrataWall is a vertical reinforced soil wall and can be constructured in multiple ways: