StrataWeb® a slope erosion protection system for embankments

Embankment slope protection using StrataWeb geocells

Application Embankment slope protection surrounding the oil derivative storage tanks
Location East of Amman, Jordan
Client The Jordan Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR)
Consultant ILF Consulting Engineers
Main contractor OHLI- MID Venture for ASTPP Project
Product used StrataWeb® 712/100
Size of the project 10,000m2 approximately

Project Overview

The Jordan Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) were planning to build a petroleum strategic reserves terminal in the east of Amman, Jordan. They wanted to increase the petroleum storage capacity in the area, which required the increase in the base width of the embankment. The slopes of the embankment required protection from slope erosion.

The Challenges

The client required a solution over regular maintenance of the soil erosion against existing riprap solution. The solution should be:

  1. Flexible enough to match with the existing contour
  2. Easy installation with minimal labor usage

Strata's Innovative Solution

StrataWeb® geocell slope erosion protection system was recommended by geotechnical experts at Strata.This cellular confinement system is a low-cost, high-performance solution that addresses slope erosion challenges and is extremely fast to construct at the same time. StrataWeb® is used along the slope surface to prevent erosion by effective confinement of the aggregate infill within its three-dimensional structure. This helps in protecting the embankment from slope erosion.

Strata’s Value addition

  • StrataWeb® is extremely fast and easy to implement. It does not require skilled technical expertise for the construction process.
  • Reduced the operation cost substantially as compared to conventional approach such as rip-rap protection.
  • Reduced construction time due to the ease in installation of StrataWeb® and the usage of local infill materials with StrataWeb®.

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