Improvement of load-bearing capacity of the subgrade of the access road to container yards

Application Improvement of load bearing capacity of the access roads to container yards
Contractor Manoj Infracon Pvt. Ltd.
Location Mumbai, India

Project Overview

As economies develop and trade routes become vital, investments in port infrastructure becomes critical. Container yards are essential and strategic hubs along these trade routes. For developing connectivity with these container depots from both hinterland and the port, it is integral to have a robust bearing subgrade for roads to withstand loads from heavy containers and their trailers. Ports are essentially marine or riverine based and the sub-soil, invariably being marine or riverine soft sediments, need to be treated or reinforced.

The client desired an access road from the main artery road up to the container terminal, which is a distance of approximately 1.8 kilometres (about 1 mile).

The Challenge

The subgrade of the road pavement is highly plastic and comprises of weak clayey soil. Moreover, the client desired to construct the access road within a short duration due to ambitious timelines imposed by National authorities. The solution also required that the subgrade withstand load of trailers with heavy containers. Owing to high utilisation of the road, downtime must be the barest minimum; hence it is essential that maintenance is the least possible.

Strata’s Innovative Solution

Strata’s engineers suggested an innovative solution, using StrataWeb® geocells – a cost-effective, technically-sound, and a permanent solution for busy, heavy duty access roads. The system incorporates StrataWeb®within the pavement section to reduce the bearing pressures onto the subsoil. This offers a leaner pavement cross section that reduced material requirements by incorporating StrataWeb® facilitates speedy construction.

The design comprises strengthening the pavement with single layer of StrataWeb® geocell SW356-150 in-filled and topped with 150 mm of granular sub-base. 20000 sqm (~215278 sq ft) of StrataWeb® were used. StrataGrid is included in the pavement section to mobilize resistance to traction forces generated by vehicular movement.

Strata's Value Addition

  • Fast track solution: Road was accessible within 20 days
  • Saved approximately 15% of the cost compared to conventional methods
  • Use of locally available material driving down costs
  • Increased road life-span
  • Load spread ensured that bearing pressures were within safe limits