StrataWeb® - Unconventional Solution for Restaurant Interiors

Application Interior décor
Client Riva – Gourmet under the Sky
Consultant DNC Architects, Pune
Location Pune, India
Product SW 445-100 (Coloured)

Project overview

Over the years, the restaurant industry has turned to a variety of quirky concepts to draw customers. In this project, the client Riva – Gourmet under the Sky and the architect, DNC Architects, were looking for an unconventional design for their restaurant interiors. They stumbled upon StrataWeb® and with Strata’s variety of colour options they were able to pick the perfect décor for their restaurant!

StrataWeb® Interiors

The restaurant is a competitive industry, and everyone in this industry tries to stand out from the crowd. In this project, the client wanted an unconventional but tasteful look and feel. StrataWeb® was the solution. StrataWeb® (SW 445-100) was used to cover the ceiling. The décor was beige colour, and to match that the colour of StrataWeb® was also customized. The size of StrataWeb was made to design based on the architecture of the restaurant.

Benefits of using StrataWeb®

  • StrataWeb® gave an unconventional and appealing look to the aesthetics of the restaurant.
  • StrataWeb® is extremely easy to install and it led to rapid execution of work.
  • StrataWeb® manufacturing can be customised to a large level to match colours and sizes as required in this case.